LittleYesMan™ is here! Download it directly from Apple iTunes Store by clicking here!

Let's face it, everyone can use a personal coach in their corner. Someone to cheer you on -- no matter how wrong you really are. It may take some time until you find a real person that spineless. But in the meantime, knock yourself out with LittleYesman. Who needs a life coach? A few taps of your iPhone or iPod Touch does exactly the same thing for a whole lot less money.

And LittleYesMan supports you in all kinds of situations, no matter how wrong you are!

The only inputs that LittleYesMan requires are Your Name, Your Gender and Scene that you're about to head into. The more details you input about yourself, the more positive lines will be generated. But the fewer you use, the more conversational they'll sound.

After making your selections, hit the "next" button in the top right corner of the screen. At the last screen, touch the "Hit It!" button at the top right corner of the screen. Each touch of the "Hit It!" icon at the bottom of the screen will generate a new line.

Hey, if you can't find someone to say something nice about you, might as well let your iPhone or iPod Touch say it!

We are always adding more lines and categories and invite you to submit your lines and suggestions using the form below.We don't sell or share any information with anyone for any reason at any time.

System requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch

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