The adult pickup line generator built for Apple's iPhone 3.0 parental controls! Purchase it here!

LittleWingmanEver want to meet someone but couldn’t think of a snappy intro line? Tired of sitting at the other end of the bar, huddled with your pals, unable to think of a clever line to break the ice? That’s why we created Little Wingman™. With a few clicks, Little Wingman can generate millions of the funniest, sexiest, corniest and most thought-provoking lines guaranteed to elicit anything from a wet kiss to a rap in the mouth.

Hey, Little Wingman just gets you started. You figure out which lines to use. Or top.

Simply find your target (male to female, female to male, male to male or female to female) and dial in their specifics. The more details you click, the more accurate the pick up line. Then every time you touch the “HIT IT!” button, Little Wingman generates a new line, in two different versions:

Safe, when you want to keep it clean.
Sexy, when you...don’t.

Yeah. That’s right.

Little Wingman allows you to choose the gender, hair color, eye color, place, time of day, body type, shoes, apparel – even your favorite body part. And future versions will constantly be updated with even more pick-up lines in even more places.

Corny? Perhaps.
Witty? Possibly.
Effective? Guaranteed.

LittleWingman can be purchased at Apple's iTunes store!

We are always adding more lines and categories and invite you to submit your lines and suggestions using the form below.We don't sell or share any information with anyone for any reason at any time.

System requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch

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