Welcome to PeerMailing.com, the only interactive entertainment service that builds brand loyalty and usage on a completely user-motivated basis. With PeerMailing products and services, the dream of viral marketing is realized, as users contact one another to promote your brand.

Here's why you should consider PeerMailing to promote your brand:

  • PeerMailing products and services can be customized to fit your brand's specific deliverables.
  • Building a double opt-in user base is easy: our first client grew from a few thousand to over 50K in less than six months - with no additional advertising or promotion.
  • Unlike the internet average clickthrough rate of 1/4%, PeerMailing services generate clickthrough rates of 6% to 15%.
  • Unlike other internet marketing services, PeerMailing guarantees e-mail addresses to be 100% deliverable.
  • Unlike other online advertising, the ads created by PeerMailing can double the clickthrough rate of those created by in-house or third party agencies.
  • Unlike other internet marketing services, all PeerMailing products and services are actually over-compliant with anti-spam regulations, because all our services are double opt-in.

If you're interested in having users actively promote your brand, or simply seeing a PeerMailing case study in action, fill out this confidential form. We'll have a representative get back to you ASAP.

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