How does i-legions work?

By integrating i-legions' programs, you can proactively motivate and generate revenue from those users, while getting them further involved with your brand. That's because each i-legions program positions your brand as a daily support mechanism for their own lifestyles.

99% of all brand programs generate no revenue.
100% fail due to non-implementation.

Each year, thousands of companies pay huge fees for reports, strategies and technologies designed to build brand strength. The problem is that once the reports are generated and the technology is built, there's nobody in the company willing or able to implement, manage -- and most importantly -- monetize those programs.

That's why we built i-legions. We specialize in managing and monetizing Branded Communities, because we have the resources, skills, tools and time that your company may not possess.

Building your brand, managed by our Branded Icon.

Each i-legions Branded Community® is led and managed by a Branded Icon, supplied by i-legions, who personifies the values and ethics of your brand. Blending the offerings from your business with i-legions' programs and services, your user base becomes more involved with your brand on a daily basis -- and generating high-profit, ancillary revenue for you.

No, this is NOT outbound sales. Or a newsletter.
Or an affiliate program. Or anything else you've seen.

Your brand sells its products or services. And that's what it should focus on. But your brand also has a user base with wants and needs that go beyond your brand's core deliverables.

What you don't have are the programs, the expertise or the time to create, implement and manage those revenue-generating programs.

That's what we do at i-legions. Our programs increase your brand's deliverables and your users' frequency of involvement with your brand. We do it all on a turnkey, shared revenue basis for you. Increasing your brand value on your bottom line.

Don't confuse i-legions' Branded Communities with outbound sales. The Branded Communities we build for you allow your users to interact with each other on a daily basis, helping each user make his/her own business more successful through association with your brand.

Why businesses choose i-legions

A strong brand turns users and prospects into revenue-generating customers, motivating them to evangelize your brand to other like-minded prospects -- and reinforcing your brand to each other.

Only i-legions offers these kinds of brand-building, revenue-generating programs.

Most businesses don't have the means to create, staff, manage and implement Branded Community® programs. i-legions was created to bring those proactive revenue-generating Branded Community® programs to businesses like yours. (See FAQ's).

How i-legions programs work

Most i-legions programs begin with a free basic service that allow users and members to interact with one another to their own benefit. They are led and managed by a Branded Icon, who personifies your company's brand ethic. The basic service establishes its value within 90 days, after which the credibility of your Branded Icon allows him/her to guide the Branded Community® members to purchases of your company or i-legions' other revenue-generating products.

Naturally, custom programs are designed and implemented for each client.

The bottom line benefits.

At i-legions, we harness the massive power of the human individuals in your user base. We create and manage ancillary products and services that allow your user base to interact with each other and build their own businesses through their association with your brand.

The net effects are staggering:

1. Increased revenue
2. Higher user loyalty
3. Higher customer retention
4. Higher user response rates
5. Higher per transaction amounts
6. Higher profit margins
7. Lower customer acquisition costs
8. Higher brand value
9. More efficient sales
10. Shorter sales cycles
11. Lower marketing costs
12. Lower market research costs

All i-legions tools, techniques and tactics are proven, profitable -- and totally turnkey. And working with i-legions is extremely cost-effective:

1. We work on a split fee/revenue share basis.
2. We provide all Branded Community development
3. We provide all staff
4. We provide all training
5. We manage and report all programs
6. We provide all technology solutions as needed
7. We custom build each Branded Community for each client

Chances are you have thousands -- maybe millions -- of individual users just waiting to be monetized. Why just leave them out there wondering how? Contact i-legions and let us show you the revenue you can derive when you harness the massive power of human individuals.

How does it work?

Why does it work?

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