Frequently Asked Questions About
i-legions' Branded Community® Programs

1. What exactly is Branded Community?
2. How does i-legions achieve its results?
3. Doesn't our Customer Support/CRM program already do that?
4. What kinds of programs are involved?
How many programs are involved in i-legions?
6. Why can't we just build our own Branded Community?
7. It sounds expensive -- how much does it cost?
8. How long does it take to achieve profitability?
9. How much of our time does this require?
10. How do we track activity?
11. What are the other non-revenue benefits of i-legions?

  • What exactly is Branded Community®?

    Branded Community® is the process of activating your user base with programs that allow users to promote your brand to each other while generating additional and incremental revenue for your brand. [Back to top]

  • How does i-legions achieve that?

    Most businesses don't realize that their core deliverables only fulfill a fraction of their users' wants and needs. A fruit juicer company, for example, sells fruit juicers. But their users want more than just juciers. They want to talk to other users about health, recipes, lifestyles and diet. i-legions fulfills those needs.
    Unlike your standard user base, i-legions is far more than just a flat file of user names and data. An i-legions Branded Community creates an environment in which brand users interact with your brand and each other; a suite of programs that reinforce and validate each other's investment into your brand's products and services.[Back to top]

  • Don't we do that already -- with our customer support service? How is i-legions different?

    First of all, web-based programs produce a tiny fraction of i-legions activity, because they rely on the user to log on to the site. i-legions programs arrive daily in e-mail boxes. Second, web-based programs rely on user-to-machine interaction, while i-legions programs foster human to human interaction.

    Customer support is a good thing, but its main purpose is crisis control, solving users' difficulties and questions. It does nothing to generate revenue. i-legions proactively creates various programs and venues in which your users are offered ancillary products and services that help them advance their own businesses.[Back to top]

  • What kinds of programs are involved?

    Much depends on the specifics of your brand. Usually, we begin with a free service to which users subscribe in their own interest. That service cultivates brand involvement. After a certain time period, usually 90 to 120 days, the members of the Branded Community realize that your brand is helping them to further their own agenda with real, tangible results: they meet new people, network with new friends/vendors and even generate real revenue for themselves. Eventually, members invest more dollars -- and data -- into more sophisticated products and services for which they are more than willing to pay. Those products and services can be anything from e-mail and web-based subscriptions to hard goods and physical inventory.[Back to top]

  • How many programs are involved in i-legions?

    The number of programs is limitless. Executed properly, the members take ownership of the Branded Community, suggesting new products and services themselves. The more programs we create, the more revenue we generate.[Back to top]

  • Why can't we just build our own Branded Community?

    Theoretically, you can. But there are several reasons you won't want to:

    First, after years of field testing, our experience with Branded Community® lends itself to a high degree of success. There's likely no one at your company with that kind of experience.

    Second, while you could ostensibly build a Branded Community, managing and operating the Branded Community with effective and productive results is another matter entirely. Your business is built to run the business, not a Branded Community. If you expect your present employees to create and operate a Branded Community, it will fail for the simple reason that the Branded Community is nothing more than an extra task heaped on their plates. Because it is not paramount to their daily job description, the Branded Community will die of neglect.

    Third, having specialized in Branded Community for as long as we have, we're able to bring a suite of proven products and services to your Branded Community without the pain of building them from scratch.

    Fourth, it would cost months and money to hire an employee to do it. In the time it takes to train and experiment, i-legions is already generating profitable revenue.[Back to top]

  • It sounds expensive. How much does it cost?

    i-legions is based on paid performance. There is a low monthly maintenance fee, but the bulk of the costs are borne through revenue sharing. The monthly fee that covers both management and technical administration. The balance of revenue is earned through a percentage of gross revenue earned by the programs.[Back to top]

  • How long does it take to achieve profitability?

    Depending on the starting member count and type of business, it takes between 90 and 120 days from the date of client approval to generate revenue. Along those same assumptions, most programs achieve outright profitability within 180 days. Again, it varies by business.[Back to top]

  • How much of our time does this require?

    Just enough to approve what we create for you. The whole point of i-legions is to allow you to focus on your core business, which is why they are designed to be turnkey in every aspect. Your participation is usually not required beyond approving our proposals. No expenditures are made your behalf without your written approval. For efficiency, your authorizations can be made by e-mail. [Back to top]

  • How do we track activity?

    All program activity, including revenue and participation, is available to you in real time via a web-based control panel. You are assigned a password protected URL into which you may log at any time.[Back to top]

  • What are the other non-revenue benefits of
    i-legions' Branded Community?

    Increase Brand Value & Publicity: Remember, that the main point of branding is to "turn users into evangelists." Aside from generating revenue, the Branded Community serves as a networking vehicle through which users meet and further their own businesses. By providing the Branded Community for their own purposes, your brand benefits as it's perceived as more than just a vendor or provider. Your brand is seen as truly lending itself to its users' growth -- just one brand aspect that no competitor can offer in such real, appreciable terms. This leads to further publicity to like-minded prospects and the public.

    Market Research: Surveys are well and good, but i-legions allows directed free exchanges in which users take ownership of the brand. When they do, they volunteer far more reliable information, to the point where they actually suggest meaningful improvements to your business that might not otherwise have occurred to a research firm.[Back to top]
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