Branding Expert Rob Frankel explains to CNBC why i-legions succeeds where all other viral and community marketing fails.


Ever wonder how social media could work to generate revenue for your brand? Ask yourself these questions:

How many users are in your database?

How much revenue do they generate for you?

What are you doing to build their brand loyalty?

Those users could be generating more revenue, more transactions and more profitablitiy. A lot more. While building even more loyalty to your brand.

Forget MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. They're not designed to build your brand.

Welcome to i-legions. The only company whose Branded Communities® generate real revenue as they enhance user interaction with your brand.

All on a turnkey, split-revenue basis.

Find out how i-legions can build a revenue-generating Branded Community for you, in less than 30 days.

How does it work?

Why does it work?

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