Welcome to Cosmo Debris' Central Music Repository. Although Cosmo has been around for years, it has only been in the last year that he has finally agreed to let the public hear his music. Even now, his only available track is "Let's Just Forget About the Sex", which is probably how you got here.....you can view the high bandwidth video right here (for the low bandwidth version, click here).

Cosmo's only recorded CD, "Hits That Never Were" (seen here to the left), contains 16 tracks (listed below).

He also authored "The Gentlemen's REAL Guide to College", hailed by Playboy magazine as a "cult classic."

Cosmo's music runs from the bounce of urban pop to sheer, unadulterated melancholic melody. As the "King of Urban Pop", Cosmo disdains hip-hop, rap and other urban sounds. Probably the last of the radio crooners to a rock beat, he commands a loyal underground following numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Cosmo no longer tours, but makes his home somewhere in rural Indiana, USA, where he'd prefer not to be disturbed.

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1.  Cosmo's Theme  1:20 An old soul in a new age.
 2.  Cowboys & Aliens  3:01  The battle rages between good and weird.
 3.  Digging For Diamonds  4:22  The searching isn't hard, it's the waiting that kills you.
 4.  Don't Call Me Friend  3:06  Like means never having to say you're serious.
 5.  Fly Away  4:11  Desperate times call for desperate measures.
 6.  Let's Just Forget About The Sex (High Bandwidth Version or Low Bandwidth Version)  2:26  Maybe it really is more trouble than it's worth.
 7.  Hanging On To A Dream  3:29  Cosmo gets diagnosed with terminal melancholia.
 8.  Is It True About Little Judy?  4:24  A wonderful girl who can't keep a poker face.
 9.  Lucky Star  3:40  Cosmo's mother's official theme.
 10.  Nights In Cozumel  3:18  Cosmo follows his heart south of the border.
 11.  The Road To Almuncar  3:19  Spain, song and the Costa Del Sol: Cosmo's father's official theme.
 12.  Rock Around The World  3:39  Cosmo's solution for world peace.
 13.  Seven Stars In Heaven  4:00  Everyone makes mistakes. Even NASA.
 14.  Strange Planet  2:55  There must be life somewhere else -- and it must be more normal.
 15.  Truth & Consequences  3:24  Cosmo vents his wrath.
 16.  Twenty Five Years of Love  3:02  Cosmo realizes his wishes after a quarter century.