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Revenge of Brand X - Round 2I'm here to tell you that Rob Frankel is so right, it's scary. Not that Rob himself is scary ­ he's not . What's scary is that so few people understand branding who OUGHT to know. Or, even scarier, who CLAIM to know and genuinely believe they do! I don't care if you're a one-person, home-based business owner or the marketing director of a Fortune 500 company. You need to learn what this book has to teach, because it can make a MASSIVE difference to your bottom line. It can make the difference between failure and survival. Between survival and success. It's that good, and it's that do-able. -- John Counsel (Read the entire review)

Star ratingFrankel -- one of the most influential specialists in his field -- delves deep into the world of corporate branding. With affable style, this "how to" manual stresses the importance of establishing a highly credible, well-communicated brand that burns itself deep into the hearts of loyal users, both on and off the web...The man knows branding, and now we do, too. (Read the entire review from UPSIDE magazine)
-- Dan Selicano,

Rob Frankel is the guru of branding, and I don't mean cattle. Its hard to find anyone who really knows what branding means except for Frankel. Here's what he says, "Branding is not about getting your prospects to choose you over your competition: it's about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem." Frankel is an ex-advertising guy, so he gets his message across in a way that iseasy to understand, and kind of fun too.
-- About.com

Star ratingRob Frankel offers fresh insights into branding in the Internet age. His treatment of the old media vs. the new media is brilliant. Several case studies also help people understand the value of branding.
-- Dan Janal author of "Dan Janal's Guide to Marketing on the Internet"

Star ratingA practical, often humorous, look at branding!
Rob Frankel's "The Revenge of Brand X, How to Build a Big Time Brand on the Web or Anywhere Else" is a practical, often humorous, look at branding. Frankel, who spares no ink to promote his own brand ...lays out his approach to branding in a series of directives and laws.

For example, Frankel's Prime Directive says, "Branding is not about getting your targets to choose you over the competition. Branding is about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem."

Then there is Frankel's First Law of Big Time Branding: "Brands are not about you.Brands are about them."
Frankel goes on to enumerate a total of ten laws of "Big Time Branding," a law about media hype, two laws concerning web branding, an "Inverse Theory of Branding," a "Ubiquitous Brand Test" and a "DYI corollary" (Doing it yourself works...)

If you really get the meaning of Frankel's First Law of Big Time Branding (Brands are not about you. Brands are about them.) you may be able to forgo reading the rest of the book. However, if you do, you will miss out on some pretty funny and thought provoking material about how big brands have blown it and how some have actually gotten it right.
-- Martin Trussell, from Grand Rapids, MI USA

Revenge of Brand X - Round 2I don't think I've ever read a book where I wanted to stand up and shout, "YES!" I literally did that while reading Rob Frankel's book, "The Revenge of Brand X."

Rob writes in an easy-to-read, conversational style. His writing is funny and witty, but most importantly, he lives up to his name.

Rob's book is written for a new generation of marketers. [He] shoots down the old philosophy that internet marketing is a numbers game. The drive behind his theories is that marketing is about finding your "niche" or "target market" and then making those
people love to love you. Rob is keen on marketing philosophy, but the drive behind his book is methodology and strategy. In other words, it's a "how to" book.

I've been marketing on the Internet for three years, I've been searching for someone to explain how to use this phenomena we call the Web, in a way that I could quickly absorb...
-- Renee Kennedy, thewritemarket.com

In his book, "The Revenge of Brand X ­ How to build a big time brand on the web or anywhere else", Rob Frankel (who is known as the foremost branding expert in the world) gives you all the insight you need to turn your brand into not just another brand,but THE Brand ­ the only choice people have. He opens his book with the history of media. Though Ameri-centric, it is quite interesting reading. In the following chapters he talks about what a brand really is, how a brand fails and how it succeeds.
This could've been a really boring book. But Frankel has a way of explaining tough concepts that make them come alive. He doesn't speak down to the reader; "Hey! I'm the world expert on this subject -- listen to me!" and his language is down-to-earth and filled with examples from the real world even a European can relate to. Overall this is the most amusing-- and also the most interesting and thought-provoking -- book on marketing I have read.
-- Haakon Rian Ueland, Mensa International Journal

I loved your book and plan to use it in [when] I hope to begin my class at UCLA Extension on running your business Outside the Box. The Revenge of Brand X was the most helpful book for the marketing of both the corporation and the product/system or service. Your writing style is entertaining and educational, and the intelligent know, one learns when enjoying what they are reading. Good job.
-- Jill Brookman

"Just wanted you to know that your book has helped inspire our Marketing/Brand Manager to what the heck his job really is. :)"
-- Christopher M. Knight, CEO, SparkLIST.com Corporation

I've read his thought-provoking book and carefully defaced it with a yellow marker pen on many pages - because I know I'll return and re-read those sections again and again... Rob's book is a GREAT product. I expect branding experts will be quoting from it for decades to come.The Revenge of Brand X" is not only useful for every business on
the planet, it's also written in a lively, humorous style which is a delight to read. This one's an instant classic.
-- Allan Gardyne,

Star ratingBIG TIME BRANDING IS BIG TIME HELPFUL BOOK! Big Time Help in this book! Frankle gives you the who, what, where, when and why of the new branding. I teach people how to promote themselves, and that means branding is big on my list. To find someone who has the background and will share his knowledge and experience with you in easy to understand language is truly a find. Hug him! And then, as he urges, turn your prospects into evangelists for your brand. I bought all my employees this book and told them there definitely would be a quiz.
-- Raleigh Pinskey, Lake Worth, FL

Intellectual property and corporate lawyers also could use this book to provide clients with fresh ideas on beefing up Web strategy or on differentiating the client's goods and services from those of competitors.
-- Gordon Shea, Wisconsin Lawyer magazine

Star ratingI've been in the branding biz for 15 years and have seen just about everything come down the pike. . Rob's book is without a doubt "BOB" (Best of Breed)! His insights are timeless, and especially valuable in these turbulent times. . I wouldn't be without this book myself, and have been asking my clients and colleagues to read it. . Might as well decommission the rest of my library!
-- Arlene Teck, TeckVentures

Revenge of Brand X - Round 2Star ratingGetting your customers to see you as the ONLY solution! This is a fantastic book. It is now required reading for all of our employess andconsultants. There is so much simplicity to what the author lays out here that we were all upset we didn't do this a long time ago. I never would have thought that the simple concept of having your customers to see you as the only solution to their problems, challenges and needs would change the way we think about everything we do in our business. If you haven't read this already you should.
-- Richard Bilger, Walker, MN United States

Star ratingMarketing Experts rate this book a winner!
I want to add my voice to the prestigeous choir that includes John Audette, Audri Langford and Dan Janal. If you have to ask who they are, you don't know modern eMarketing and branding theory. Frankel's book has made branding accessible to people who never understood the "big theory" books, or thought they couldn't "afford" to do "branding". Get this book.
-- Walt Boyes Senior Contributing Editor, Industrial Marketing Practitioner,
CEO, MarketingPractice Consultants, Maple Valley, WA USA

Star ratingMonumental. Finally. This should be a textbook. The writing is quick, to the point, and devoid of all the fluff that is typically found in marketing books. The concepts and strategies are equally to the point. By the end of Chapter 5, I had 6 pages of notes regarding my company's brand development plans. Specific areas that were particularly helpful in my case were the discussions of brand differentiation and clear message delivery. Rob Frankel, "the branding king", discusses many other issues that are just as important. The book gave me a real feel for how to develop a brand and USE IT to market and sell my product. The extra attention paid to Internet applications, where "Brand is Everything", is priceless for any business that expects to have an Internet presence.

This book should be read by all, from the graphic arts gal to the CEO. It is clear that the development of a brand, beyond just a funny logo, requires that everyone understand the ideas that are laid before us in this text.

To quote from the book, "Branding is not about getting your prospects to choose you over your competition; it's about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem (SM)". One can see why Frankel is becoming the dominant player in Internet brand development.
-- Steven Colby from Mountain View, CA

Star ratingI am on Chapter 10 of The Revenge of Brand X and I don't want to put it down. As I read, I naturally try to apply ideas and suggestions to my own situation, and I have found it very helpful. I know that sounds a little restrained, but believe me, I am bouncing like a pogo stick. I have chewed on some issues for months and gotten nowhere. An hour of reading tonight and I am through the roadblock and moving again. Thank you.
-- Michele (on the road)

Star rating
A terrific guide to creating a successful brand. A terrific book for the dot coms (and the non dot coms as well) seeking a effective path to emerge successfully from the pack. Frankel gets us to think about branding not as mere logos or names, but as evocative concepts that grab us emotionally, and make us see a product or service as the only solution to our problem. Particularly helpful are "Frankel's Laws of Big Time Branding," and the Action Items following each chapter. "Frankel's Laws of Big Time Branding" are succinct touchstones peppered throughout the book that keep the reader focused on the core concepts to develop a "Big Time Brand," while his "Action Items" are designed to get both the creative and reflective juices flowing to develop an intelligent branding strategy. The book is even entertaining - Frankel writes in a rebellious tone that is meant to stir up the reader, and get him and her to think and believe outside the box. -
- Mark T. Pallis from USA

Revenge of Brand X - Round 2Star ratingThe content is great. It forms a prism through which companies can evaluate what a professional brand person is offering, because as you say this is not something you can do yourself. It's also the funniest e-commerce book of 2000. Funny e-commerce books are about as common as winning seasons for the Clippers.
-- Dana Blankenhorn http://www.a-clue.com
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Star ratingI laughed, I cried...Typical Rob Frankel, no punches pulled.
I read this book on a cross country flight drawing many sideways looks from the other executives in first class as I giggled and tee-heed through this wonderful book.

Yes I laughed, and then I cried as I thought of how many companies who needed this information. As a Certified Management Consultant I am called on every day to help companies achieve their maximum potential. The largest fundamental problem is that most companies have no idea of who they are, and most importantly, who they are vis-a-vis their customers. Their entire strategy, how they operate, every decision they makes idealy should flow from this central core. Unfortunately, for most companies, that central core is a great void.

Rob shows you what you are missing, and how to fill in some of those gaps. He does it with humor, if not with a great editor.
-- Lynn Marie Hoopingarner, CMC MIB from West Hollywood, CA USA

Star ratingSo Good, I've Resorted to Stealing...with attribution, ofcourse! "Revenge of Brand X" is *the* branding resource for the 21st century. Internet entrepreneur? Marketing manager for a corporation or product? Web designer or webmaster? Then this book is for you.

If you want to learn the latest about how products, services, corporations, organizations, and individuals can be branded, then this is the book for you. I have been slowly applying Frankel's lessons to two non-profit organizations, an educational institution, and a small business services firm. I have received great feedback. You can, too!
-- Stephen M. Siegel, Orange, CA United States

Star ratingThe cure for navel gazing! I like the "no-holds barred" style as well as the central theme of branding being about "them not us." There's too much navelgazing going on and this books helps the reader go outside of themselves to create brands that serve. I also like the action items -- the experience of doing something specific creates a lot of clarity.
-- Vickie K. Sullivan, Tempe, AZ USA

Star ratingAs a novice to the concept of branding, I found Rob's book to be extremely clear and to the point. (It didn't hurt a bit that it's amusingly written as well!) Branding, which can be a very difficult concept to grasp, became quite understandable to me after studying Rob's great examples. (I especially love the USA brand!)
-- Ronni Rhodes, WBC Imaging from Oro Valley, AZ United States

Star ratingGetting Insight and Having Fun! The Revenge of Brand X provides a unique perspective on branding. I enjoyed the combination of insight and humor that I saw in it. This book is a necessity if any person interested in Branding wants to have a healthy, well-rouonded view of the subject.
-- A.J. Kenney
Long Beach, CA

"Rob Frankel is the Branding King!"
-- John Audette, CEO Audette Media, I-Sales

Revenge of Brand X - Round 2Revenge of Brand X is excellent... haven't finished yet, as the wife keeps yelling at me to turn off the damn light....
-- Rob Long, COO, Holiday Group

It's DAMN GOOD! And very funny.
-- Jac Holzman, First Media

I have just read Rob's book, "Revenge of Brand X". Awesome!

We are going to make it a manditory read for all our clients that engage us for our database web development services. The book is completely in alignment with our "Strategically Planned" approach to build a web site.

Rob, make us number one in line for your affiliate program when it comes out. Integrating your book with our services will help ensure our clients need us more than the other web developer that is just a click away. Don't be surprised if the book shows up in a lot of corporate boardrooms. We build high end sites for financial institutions and money managers.

Everyone I talk to about the book wants my copy. Sorry, I need it for reference. I tell them to go to http://www.revengeofbrandx.com for their own copy.
-- Jozef Hubburmin, hpmarketing

Just wanted to say thanks for the strong message on ethics, there are some really scary people out there promoting some really questionable products and services. Because of all the hype, I was having a hard time focusing on any one area, but am finally narrowing my interests in order to be able to eventually get going with my business. You really helped me a lot.
-- Michelle

Thanks, no wonder people speak so highly of you.
-- Bruce Resnick

"Rob is a truly exceptional speaker and approaches branding from a completely different, original and innovative perspective. And it doesn't hurt that he's a really good guy
and a true pleasure to work with."
-- Dr. Audri G. Lanford, CEO, NETrageous Inc.

I can't thank you enough for sharing this information. For novices like me,
this stuff can be overwhelming. You just made my day, friend!!! Thanks.
-- Lorraine

Just so you know, I'm really familiar with Rob. I've never spoken to him but
have read most of his stuff and concur he's one that really gets it.
-- Randall Evenson

Thanks so much for the advice. I use your site very often and I your
articles and commentaries are always very thoughtful and informative.
-- Lori Faunce

I think you are providing a tremendous service to marketers & entrepreneurs alike. Thank you.
-- Jeffrey Maier, Editor, i-Promotions Weekly

Revenge of Brand X - Round 2Love your attitude! And writing style.Very entertaining.
-- George Williams

As you went through your 10 laws of branding and supported them with examples, you really cast a light on an area in business which many companies fail to execute properly.
I just wanted to let you know that I will be sure and pass your name along to many other star-ups that I am in contact with.
-- Martin Lew

Excellent !! I'm currently studying for my MA in marketing and have decided that I want to write my dissertation on Branding on the Internet - so I'm glad that SOMEONE got there before I did - you have no idea how slow the concept is over here in comparison to the US. At least now I won't have to do all the research. I look forward to reading all your articles and all your books.
-- Lisa Bundschu

This was a big eye opener as in what I have been missing.
As always your are A number 1.
-- Sharon Evans

You have confirmed so many thoughts and visions I have had. You have given me new
insight into the minds of the web surfer. God bless your vision!
-- Liz Smith

Fully enjoyed your article "Why Banner ads are stupid." Nail on the head. Internet allows you to be blunt, say what you think. etc. based on the fact that the good ole boy network can't stop you. Keep it up.
-- Frank Scott, President, American Security Association, Inc.

You're the BEST!
-- Joyce Gordon

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