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So you want to know why you should shell out a few hard-earned bucks for Rob Frankel's book on branding, eh? Well, I can give you at least one: without it, you're at the mercy of a nation filled with so-called experts who -- with a straight face -- will take your money and leave you with little more than a logo.
 Welcome to the second, expanded version of The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build a Big Time Brand on the Web or Anywhere Else. The only book that can connect the dots from mere branding "theory" to real, bottom line results.

    My name is Rob Frankel. I've been called "the best branding expert on the planet," but why bore you with that now? Rob Frankel Video I have an entire web site where you can peruse articles, video and samples of how my branding strategies have turned around companies of all shapes and sizes.
The Revenge of Brand X is required reading at agencies and universities across America, including NYU's Stern School of Business, University of California, Rushmore University. Marlboro College of Vermont and many more. Maybe more impressive is the number of Fortune 1000 CEO's who have cranked up their business's performance by simply re-tooling their brand strategies according to the methods and rationales they found in the book.
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     Branding -- Big Time Branding™ -- is far more than stupid logos and "this year's colors." It has nothing to do with "what's hot with the kids this year." Especially with the web. Branding begins with getting your prospects to perceive you as the only solution to their problems.
    There's so much to know, in fact, I could write a book about it. And this is its table of contents:

Notes to second edition
Introduction: The Media Implosion
The end of media slavery: How branding is rooted in media
How the web has reconstructed media models
Why branding is such an important factor
How the playing field gets more level every day as a result
Action Items — Introduction
1. Frankel’s Laws of Big Time Branding
Nine reasons to invest in a Big Time Brand
Action Items — Chapter One
2. What, exactly, is a brand, anyway?
Branding in the Fourth Dimension
Frankel’s Prime Directive
How to tell a good brand from a bad one
Action Items — Chapter Two
3. Bigger than both of us — and stupider, too
Action Items — Chapter Three
4. Down to the Bottom Line
The Bottom Line
The Do-It-Yourself Corollary
Frankel’s Inverse Theory of Branding
Frankel’s Ubiquitous Brand Test
The Top Reasons Why Brands Fail
Action Items — Chapter Four
5. Ten Ways to Make Sure Your Brand Fails
Action Items — Chapter Five
6. The Brand Killers
Caretaker Management Syndrome
Action Items — Chapter Six
7. What’s in a Name?
Nothing wrong with a little fun
Getting Personal
Action Items — Chapter Seven
8. Before & After
Case Study #1: The International Real Estate Franchise
Case Study #2: Catering to Hollywood
Case Study #3: Wireless From the Ground Up
Case Study #4: A Concrete Example
Case Study #5: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Case Study #6: Venture Capitalists Should Never Do Branding
Action Items — Chapter Eight
9. The Mantle of Leadership
A Logo is a logo, A Brand is a brand
Action Items — Chapter Nine
10. So You Want to Brand A Website
Frankel’s Triangle From Hell
Rallying the creative troops
Tackling the technoids
Action Items — Chapter Ten
11. Demographics and other Great Myths
Psychographics Drive the Web
Offline Pegs and Online Holes
Ad brokers: Who’s zooming whom?
Ad agencies: No branding here.
Metrics mean nothing
Action Items — Chapter Eleven
12. The Good, The Bad and The Worthless
The Bad
Saying something. Meaning Nothing
The Good
Big Time Branding, Small Time Budget
Big Time Budget, Big Time Brand
Action Items — Chapter Twelve

13. When good brands go bad: 10 that could do better
Action Items — Chapter Thirteen
14. When good brands do good: 10 brands that really sing
Action Items — Chapter Fourteen
15. Domainia
The Value of Domains
Alternative URL’s
Action Items — Chapter Fifteen

16. Branding and Technology
The Cutting Edge is for Schmucks.
Five kinds of techno-junk that can kill your website
Action Items – Chapter Sixteen

17. Branding Tools for the Web
Technology that works: Fulfillment & Response
What you’re missing can hurt you, too.
Chat rooms
Action Items – Chapter Seventeen

18. The Branded Community
Raising response rates to 10% and 25%
Building a branded community
How to build a branded community
The E-Mail List: #1 Tool for Building Community
How e-mail list evolves the brand: FrankelBiz case study
Level Two: Acceptance, Ownership & Evangelism
More community. More value. More responsiveness.
Level Three: Turning the Community into Revenue
Protecting Interactivity Among Members
Stepping up a level — empowering the members
The Next Frontier
Evangelism: Recruitment and response
Empowerment as a foundation
Chat functions: Right and wrong
Community on the Site
Site Design, Merchandising and Models
Affiliate Programs
Graphics online and off
Third Party Endorsements & Alliances
Become a Central Resource
Pro-actively Creating an Open Environment
Managing the Branded Community
Open Management: The Ultimate Goal
Action Items – Chapter Eighteen
19. Implementing the Brand
Home Savings & Loa's
Action Items – Chapter Nineteen

19. Implementing the Brand
Home Savings & Loan
20. Branding the Successful Alliance
How the Rules Have Changed — and Why
Avoiding the Unspeakable Dangers
Action Items – Chapter Twenty

21. Creating the Big Time Brand
Appendix A:
Frankel’s Laws of Big Time Branding
Appendix B:
Meaningless Brand Tag Lines
Appendix C:
FrankelBiz FAQ’s
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