Brand IQ Test

How Much Do You Really Know About Branding?
Take this simple test and see!

Or if you're in a really sadistic mood, give it to your Account Executive or V.P. of Marketing.

1. The best definition for a Big Time Brand is: (click here for the answer)

A. How your company differs from its competition
B. Why your business is your prospect's best choice
C. Why your product/service is your prospect's only solution
D. Why your product/service is the best in its class

2. The best time to create your brand is: (click here for the answer)

A. Before you write your business plan
B. After you've gotten funded
C. When you design your logo
D. When you create your advertising

3. Branding is: (click here for the answer)

A. 100% human emotion
B. 50% human emotion, 50% fear
C. 90% rational, 10% human emotion
D. 100% rationale

4. Branding and Advertising: (click here for the answer)

A. Are essentially the same thing
B. Are usually done by an ad agency
C. Are usually done by a graphic designer
D. Are distantly related

5. The worst way to create a brand is to: (click here for the answer)

A. Hire a relative
B. Hire an ad agency
C. Hire a graphic designer
D. Do it yourself

6. The basic requirement for a Big Time Brand is: (click here for the answer)

A. Conclusive research
B. At least $100,000
C. The ability to lead
D. Substantial market share

7. The truest tests of a Big Time Brand is: (click here for the answer)

A. If people remember it
B. If people like it
C. If people will pay more for it
D. None of the above

8. Branding becomes most effective when: (click here for the answer)

A. The economy takes a dump
B. The economy soars
C. Your company introduces a new product/service
D. It's an election year

9. A brand must appear: (click here for the answer)

A. On your letterhead
B. On your web site
C. In all communications
D. In every aspect of your operation

10. When you sell your business, a Big Time Brand: (click here for the answer)

A. Is part of the deal
B. Has nothing to do with the deal
C. Actually fetches a higher price
D. Will likely change with the new owners

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