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Hi. See that obnoxious head bobbing over to your left? That's me. My name is Rob Frankel.The most widely read on (and off) line branding expert on the planet. In fact, my stuff is Rob Frankeltranslated into six different languages appearing on six different continents. The Revenge of Brand X is, too. It's actually required reading on university campuses,marketing agencies, ad agencies, public relations firms and in all kinds of corporate boardrooms.

"The best branding expert on the planet."

 The Revenge of Brand X    
I'm a branding specialist. My brands not only get the public to like your stuff, but your employees, the media, trade groups, distributors and anyone else who's touched your brand. They not only buy your brand, they evangelize it for all the right reasons. Again and again. On the web or anyplace else, for that matter. I also build turnkey, revenue-generating, brand-building
Branded Communities® for those brands, turning plain old users into evangelists for your brand.
     It really all boils down to this:

Branding is not about getting your prospects to choose you over your competition;
it's about getting your prospects to perceive you as the only solution to their problem.

     I do consulting and speaking gigs. Mainly to companies who sink zillions of dollars into a website or a business and then scratch their heads wondering why it just sits there like a lox.
     Want to know more? Try visiting my site or you can download a PDF that gives you a quick overview.
     You can reach me directly via this contact form or toll-free (throughout North America) at 1-888-ROBFRANKEL.


     You can actually find out a whole lot more about who I am and what I do at my main site, But as long as you're here, my career in advertising/marketing began at Foote, Cone & Belding/Los Angeles, moving on to several of the world's major advertising agencies, including DMB&B, Dailey & Associates and others too miserable to mention. Having served eight years of hard labor, I finally managed to tunnel out and form Frankel & Anderson, home of Advertising, Marketing & Killer Creative™ and the country's first all-digital advertising agency.
     Then I found out that you can't do great advertising without great branding. So that's when I decided to specialize.
     Before that, I nabbed a BA in Economic History from the University of California, itself a pretty considerable feat when you consider that I had to invent the major in order to declare it. Playboy magazine acclaimed my first book, The Gentleman's REAL Guide to College, as "... a college guide from hell" that remains a cult classic. For those who doubt my ability to actually create something and derive revenue from it, you can search the United States Patent Office and find that I am the inventor and owner of U.S. patent 4,269,499 for Foto Pheet®, the world's lightest and smallest camera stand for travel.
     So there.

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